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SlowMotion Zeta SD


SLOWMOTION ZETA STANDARD is a silent and damped self-closing for single-wall metal drawer and compatible with the full FGV Uniset drawer range. SlowMotion Zeta SD is a real add-on and retrofit solution fully integrable also into existing installation. Slowmotion Zeta SD is supplied in bulk for industrial use or in skin-pack kit dedicated to the end-user;  the both packages include drilling template and assembly instruction for a quick and easy installation.

High-end feel

The SlowMotion Zeta SD system, incredibly affordable and in pleasant contradiction to the current prices frenzy in that type of application, confers to the single-wall drawer a strong image boost at a fraction of the cost of a double-wall damped drawer. The functionality is convincing, the showroom effect is exciting and the economic coherence is profit-boosting for a truly convincing result.

Damped self-closing for Uniset drawer

  • Silent drawer closing
  • Retrofit solution
  • High-end feel to metal drawer

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