Sorting the garbage question


Waste disposal in a hygienic way is a challenge for every kitchen. NETTO DolceVita Kitchen innerware® covers three different applications. Waste separation is today a civic must and all three solutions are helping to dispose of waste in a practical, hygienic and still aesthetic way.

Netto Tray is an integrated solution for a 600mm unit. An extractible metal tray hosts four individual bins with removable covers. It can be combined with an extractible Plano shelf above, which gives space for refuse bags, showel and whisk and battery containers.

Netto Box is a series of waste bins with lid and active carbon filters to be fitted into different Prime drawers. Under sink or near the preparation zone, they give plenty of space for waste disposal. The Netto Cube is an add-on block to fit into a larger unit in order to optimise space. With full extension slides, damped movement and a separate front, represents the more trendy solution.


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