Corners are getting round


GIRO is a whole family of solutions to optimise the space of corner cabinets over two levels. With Giro solutions, DolceVita regains lost space in kitchens. GiroTondo® is the top of the range corner solution with integrated self-closing door.

Giro TreQuarti® is the most used system to equip a corner cabinet, consisting in two carousels rotating around an aluminium pole. Adding a tray to the Giro TreQuarti® the customer obtains the ideal product for the full corner: the Giro QuattroQuarti®. Giro DueQuarti® is the simplest and most efficient innerware® for rectangular corner cabinets, with two independent levels and automatic pull-out of the inferior level.

Giro products are fully customisable to match the look of all the DolceVita range.


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