Domino  L

Domino L

Elegant coplanar solution

Domino L is a sliding system for 2 aligned coplanar doors designed and supplied according to the customer’s wardrobe dimensions. A proven mechanism perfected over the time, guaranteeing highest performance and long lasting maximum reliability.

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Technical specifications

Sliding system for 2 aligned coplanar doors, 17mm or 33mm of baseboard

In anodized aluminium extrusion 14μm, alloy 6060 with Made in Europe certification

+/- 3mm horizontal and +/- 4mm vertical adjustments

Sliding system with soft opening and closing movements

Door size: length from 900 to 2000 mm, thickness from 18 to 50 mm and weight from 25 to 101 kg

Patented system of EasyFix clips and hooks for an easier positioning of the mechanism


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