Excel N600H

The right feeling

Excel slides represent the ideal solution for the user who wants to use a hidden slide under the drawer. The wide range gives the opportunity to find the product that suits best the needs, choosing between different lengths (from 250 to 600 mm) and two drawer fixing systems, with a pin (Plug-In) or with a plastic handle (Easy-Fix). All the Excel slides are equipped with the automatic self-closing device and can be ordered with simple or full extension. The full compatibility of the drillings with the SlowMotion and One-Touch versions gives a better functionality without any effort.

Icone prodotto
Icone prodotto
Icone prodotto
Icone prodotto

Technical specifications

Smooth sliding and high lateral stability

Self-closing device

Plug-In or Easy-Fix versions available

Single and full extension

Load capacity up to 40 kg