QL Mini

The right size

The QL Mini hinge is the smallest mini hinge on the market: with Ø26mm cup size, only 23 grams, weight 35% less than other mini hinges. QL Mini is a preferable hinge for extra thin doors, such as bathroom furniture doors generally smaller than those applied on other furniture, but the performance is good enough to cover also standard doors in all usual sizes.
QL Mini was developed to meet the most important requirement for the end consumer: the pleasant effect of a soft door closing.
Using a performing plastic material, we introduced the damping function without increasing the dimensions of a standard mini hinge.
The SlowMotion Technology was miniaturized and integrated into the hinge box by working on a linear damper strong enough to pass the homologation test.
QL Mini is available in innovative Coffee Black and standard nickel metal finishes together with a wide range of plastic box colours: white, light grey, dark grey, coffee black, black and any other the customer would like.

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Technical specifications

Compact dimension with Ø26mm cup size

Improveed design to combine shape and fuctionality

Linear SlowMotion Technology miniaturized

Possibility to adjust the damper force for a perfect damping door movement


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