SlowMotion Alfa

Simple and efficient

SlowMotion Alfa is an easy to use hinge box based add-on damper available for Optima Click and MS Slide-On hinges. It is very easy to fix with a click and covers all hinge versions of the range. (For the 175° hinges, see the SlowMotion Delta solution). Damping is realised by an hydraulic piston sliding in the damper housing. It is a simple and efficient solution to confer quality in showroom and at home. It is quick to fix in the production line and a perfect retro-fit solution in flat pack and DIY environment.

Icone prodotto

Technical specifications

SlowMotion Alfa device for controlled closing door system

Add-on application for Optima Click and MS Slide-On hinge series with crank 0/8/15 and angles

Easy assembling with a clip, no tools required

Damper strength adjustable to control different door sizes and weight

With standard door only one SlowMotion Alfa device required


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