SlowMotion Zitto

Silent and smooth

Zitto is the right solution to reduce closing noise on doors. Based on a silicon ProTech damper, Zitto prevents door from hitting the cabinet in a noisy way. The damper will absorb the energy in a fraction of a second, conferring a superior quality feeling to the whole cabinet. The impact is made even more silent thanks to the soft tip of the device. Zitto is easy to fit and very versatile, and it’s an added value both for furniture manufacturers and distributors.

A support for every need
The Zitto range is composed by the ProTech damping device and by a series of mounting plates for the different applications. These allow to use Zitto fixing it to the cabinet side, with different positions or with the choice of the two pieces linear mounting plate, which is completely hiding the fixing holes. Zitto can be inserted directly into the cabinet side, in a 10 mm hole. The neat design and the possibility to have a nickel finish make these mounting plates nicer and they don’t interfere with the general design of the cabinet.

Technical specifications

Silent closing

Effective noise reduction

Flexibility and ease of use

Optimal solution for every hinge


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