Affordable drawer system

Uniset, the single-wall metal drawer, strong and affordable, with a fluid sliding movement due to the use of a roller slide system, whilst the epoxy painting makes it silent during operation. The product is available in a large  range of heights and depths and is manufactured in extremely  competitive manner. The presence of the immediate vertical adjustment makes this product very versatile and easy to use; it is ideal both for automatic and manual assembly.

Uniset SlowMotion
The Uniset drawer is compatible with SlowMotion Zeta Anyway: a silent and damped self-closing device. SlowMotion Zeta Anyway is a real add-on and retrofit solution fully integrable also into existing installation, to confer a strong image boost at a competitive cost.

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Technical specifications

Roller slides

Single extension

Five heights and seven depths available

Elegant front bracket with One-Step adjustment

Load capacity of 25 kg

SlowMotion technology available


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