The new FGV website

After a few months of planning, we are excited to announce a new restyling of the FGV website.

The new FGV website is part of our ongoing efforts to improve services and features focused on customer satisfaction. Thanks to a whole host of smaller but impactful structural changes, today the website offers a streamlined navigation and a more user-friendly experience.   

We’re not finished yet! We will continue to improve the website in the coming time by updating our content with helpful information and integrating social media and newsletter activities of the FGV Group.

Discover the FGV website keeping an eye out for more improvements!


06/11 - Statement on the COVID-19 outbreak

Click here to download Formenti E Giovenzana SpA Statement 06/11/2020 on the COVID-19 outbreak


Libera hinge

The Libera hinge represents the latest solution in the FGV hinge program.



Let's start again from ZERO!
Discover ZERO, the new concept of packaging.