03/04 - Statement on the COVID-19 outbreak

Click here to download Formenti e Giovenzana SpA statement on the COVID-19 outbreak.


Veduggio con Colzano, 23/03/2020

Formenti & Giovenzana SpA : Coronavirus Press Release

In consideration of the developing Italian health emergency, and with the aim of contributing to limiting any infection by Coronavirus, as established with Prime Ministerial Decree of 01/04/2020

Formenti e Giovenzana SpA has to suspend its production activities until Monday 13 th April inclusive.

By taking this precaution and our sense of responsibility over any other needs, we will be ready to start again from Tuesday 14th April, hoping that our actions will help to make this break as short and painless as possible.
Throughout this period while we are closed, we will continue to read your emails and remain available and contactable via our mobile phones.

Trusting in your understanding.

Formenti & Giovenzana S.p.A.