Sliding doors

Domino-Caimi U 17-33


The best solution for non-aligned sliding doors

Domino-Caimi U is a modular solution for non-aligned doors. A full range of solutions offers the best product for every need and for every wardrobe structure.The Formenti & Giovenzana capability to produce large batches, has enhanced the competitiveness of the solutions designed for high-end market.

Technical specifications

  • Sliding system for non-aligned doors, 17mm of baseboard
  • System made in anodized aluminium extrusion 14μm
  • For door weight up to 100kg, thickness from 18 to 50 mm
  • Application also with doors with minimum frame of 70mm
  • Door weight applied to the upper bar
  • Door with automatic insertion deadlatch
  • Adjustments of the height and verticalness of the door
  • Optional damper for soft opening and closing door movement