A sustainable development links in an interdependence relationship, the protection and enhancement of natural resources to the economic, social and institutional context, in order to meet the current generation needs without compromising the future generation ability to meet their ones.

With this in mind Formenti and Giovenzana since 2016 and therefore for the second consecutive year is buying 100% electricity from natural geothermal sources. This supplying allows to declare that the CO2 production related to the electricity is equal to zero.

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FGV有个内部检测实验室,从排产阶段就开始进行重复的产品检测。另外,一些最新的并且非常重要的产品主要是通过外界的实验室,根据特定的国际标准设置不同的检测级别进行检测并认证。无论是内部检测或是外部检测,都不断进行监控和更新,目的都是为了保证更有利的生产条件,从而生产出最优秀的产品。 FGV自始至终的主要目标就是提供最好的品质服务。FGV被创建成并引导成专门为客户提供需求支持,为客户提前解决需求问题,为客户生产高性能高品质的产品,为客户提供更安全更简易的设计。每一个生产环节FGV都悉心监控,并且从1993年7月就开始按照UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 标准细则对产品进行质量管理,对每个生产流程进行严格把关。

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Code of Conduct

The application of these principles is a condition for membership in Formenti & Giovenzana SpA.The Code of Conduct is based on Rules of Conduct and Principles of Action which each Company director, manager, employee and collaborator is required to personally comply with.

Rules of Conduct

The Rules of Conduct engage all our skills, knowledge and willingness to work with passion, enthusiasm and positive energy.

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Environmental Policy

The FGV division of the Formenti & Giovenzana SpA is pursuing business objectives, in the furniture accessories production field, through the maintenance and the improvement of an Environmental Management System. To do this, the company has an appropriate organizational structure and implements rules, procedures and working methods in order to optimize the behavior of their employees. The Business Management System (EMS) is structured according to the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.

The main points on which it based the Policy for the Environment are the following:

  • Compliance with legal requirements and applicable regulations
  • Implementing an EMS that involves the entire organization
  • Continuous performance improvement through the definition of objectives periodically planned and reviewed;
  • Make known the Environmental Policy across the enterprise through press releases and Social Responsibility actions updated periodically
  • Make known the Environmental Policy outside the enterprise through information regularly updated on the website
  • Support the commitment and the responsibility of each employee at every level by an adequate training program
  • Preventive attitude rather than follow-up actions in order to limit possible negative effects;
  • To eliminate at sources, when possible, the environmental impacts associated to the production activity, or to reduce them in line with the technical/economical feasibility
  • To evaluate, during the designing stage, the environmental impacts associated with new processes and products by minimizing them as far as possible even by actively supporting the customer specifications in the management process of the entire life cycle product
  • Rational usage of the natural and energy resources
  • Engage in handling waste and favor, wherever possible, recycling procedures rather than disposal
  • Select suppliers able to ensure products/services compliant with the EMS
  • An open interaction with the community and local authorities.

The Company Management of the Formenti & Giovenzana SpA undertakes to provide and ensure the human and material resources required to achieve a continuous improvement in the environmental field.

The Company Management of the Formenti & Giovenzana SpA undertakes to periodically review the Environmental Policy in relation to inside information, to legislative constraints, to external stakeholders and to a structural and productive changes.

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证明  FSC®


Forest Stewardship Council ® certification

FSC® certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Forest owners and managers may want to become FSC® certified to demonstrate that they are managing their forests responsibly. Along the supply chain, FSC® certification can provide benefits such as access to new markets.

By achieving FSC® certification, Formenti & Giovenzana SpA shows its constant in the legal supply chain of wood panels used in some products.

In particular Formenti & Giovenzana SpA declares not to be directly or indirectly involved in the following non-legal activities:

  • Deforestation and illegal cutting and sales of illegal wood or forestal products
  • Violation of traditional and human rights in forestal operations
  • Destruction of high values of conservation in forestal operationsi
  • Significant transformation of forests into plantations or other non forestal uses
  • Introduction of OGM in forestal operations
  • Violation of any ILO (International Labour Organization) fundamental convention as defined in ILO's Declaration of Fundamental Labor Principles and Rights

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